The Sinking Earth


Available at:

cdbaby | iTunes

Guitar/Vocals: Hank Kryeski
Drums: Mike Walborn

Extra Live Big band members:

Guitar: Riff Master Mike
Bass: Sean Cameron
Guitar: Floyd Rhodes
Drums: Stoyer

Everything seems to come to an end at one point or another. Sometimes, however, maybe the story isn’t over just yet. Sometimes, the chapter just may have come to an end. With the end of an old chapter, a new one must begin. Welcome to the next chapter of The Sinking Earth. Out with the old…, as they say.

The Sinking Earth is Back! An entire new line up, an entire new image, an entire new sound. The monster shall be unleashed soon. Cover your ears as we present you the new Sinking Earth!

For fans of The Melvins, Black Sabbath, Sleep, and Mogwai.