Teeth Of Mammals


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Guitar/Vocals/Bow: Erik Carl
ultra)Bass/Vocals: Nate
Drums: Jonathan Carl


Formed in December of 2005, the Mammals came together as two brothers and a friend to form new, and explosive sounds. Taking influences from bands like Fugazi, and other sounds of the Dischord label, along with rock and roll bands from the late 60’s, the Mammals have managed to create an intense indie rock sound that is extremely powerful, upbeat and energetic, while maintaining a fine balance of melody and musicianship. In 2006 the Mammals released an EP, and a 10 inch on Parade of Spectres Records (london), followed by a tour of the UK during July of 06. The Mammals prepare for 2007 with the release of the first self titled full length on DRP Records.
The band experimented with line up changes after the departure of Bassist, Nate. Never quite capturing the raw fury, but musically hitting new heights after the release of the self titled masterpiece. Nate rejoined the band in summer 2008 for a stint before the band when on hiatus. Currently they are exploring outside projects. Hopefully the band will reunite at some point in the future!