Six Oclock Saints


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Vocals/Mayhem:Tony Jimmy Jackson
Keyboards/Eclectic Electrics:Jackson AlaVaugn
Guitars:Lemon Jackson
Bass/Ozmic Forces:Oz
Drums/Good Times:Deejay
VJCA:Ocular Tantalizer

Hailing from an abandoned gallery warehouse in Reading PA, Six O’clock Saints have been forging their craft for over 7 years, breeding new conceptions of genre-bending music. This 5 piece band, comprised of Tony Jimmy Jackson (vocals), Jackson Alavaugn (keys, vocals), Lemon Jackson (guitars, vocals), DeeJay (drums), and Oz (bass), display an artistic and powerful stage performance.

Exhibiting landscapes of thought and self-realization, Six O’clock Saint’s music travels through an emotionally charged story, fusing melodies with harmonies, and loss with perseverance. Six O’clock Saints music is best described as dancy rock music with dark undertones. From the atmospheric, layered melodies of "Myself Underneath", the visceral energy of "Cancer Girl", to "Pretty Face", an epic tale of coming to terms with heartbreak, Six O’clock Saints commands attention from their audience from beginning to end. Their music is larger than the sum of its parts; each member doesn’t simply play along, they compliment one another through rhythm and raw unbridled feeling.

Each member, while encompassing many disciplines of the visual arts, strongly relay their passions and struggles in their live performances. With the help of visual artist VJCA, Six O’clock Saints project images from their cumulative remembrances, such as retro horror, exploitation films, and vintage pop culture references, to classic scientific information films and public service announcements, to display a tongue-in-cheek nod to the influential media of their past and present. Each and every performance is fused with an energy that is transcendent, sexual, and powerful. This energy draws in their audience, creating a symbiotic union between the music and its listeners.

The creation of their debut album was the most important task, it had to ensconce the same energy and sound that was so prevalent in their live performances. After several failed studio attempts, Six O’clock Saints reunited with established New York hip-hop producer and friend DJ Luciano to record and engineer their debut album in the now former Oxygen for the Arts gallery warehouse, utilizing the sounds and natural acoustics from the vast areas within, (take note of the shattering glass, pounding machinery, and the build up of pressurized water hoses in Cancer Girl), all while in the company of live sculptors, painters, and a collection of various underground and low-brow artists, creating a sound that manifested itself through a synergy of eclectic talents and influences. Six O’clock Saints is the definitive modern example of the art-rock movement. The band joined forces with drp records in 2010 with the CD finally being available worldwide May 4, 2010 via MVD.