Johnny Action Figure
“Please Ask The Room To Stop Spinning”

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Guitar/Vocals: Brendan Fullam
Guitar/Vocals: Chris Sheehan
Bass/Keys/Vocals: Christopher Fullam
Drums: Brad Rittle

Johnny Action Figure is a rock n’ roll band made up of best friends, each adding their own talent to create music they love to play. Hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania, a city 10 times more dangerous than Philly, the band have gotten into their fair share of gang-related warfare. JAF takes a lot of their influence from great bands/artists like Elliot Smith, Elvis Costello, Koufax, and Tom Petty.

With a collection of demos from their high school days, the band assembled a proper full-length. They released the self-titled record on their own in March, 2004. You can pick up the record online here.

After playing countless shows, many with national acts such as Something Corporate, The Get Up Kids and Midtown, as well as a spot on the ‘04 Warped Tour, JAF won over hundreds of people throughout Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.

Spring 2006 marks the release of their brand-new EP titled, “Johnny Action Figure Asks The Room To Please Stop Spinning” out proudly on Reading’s own DRP Records. With 7 brand spankin’ new tunes, JAF plans to deliver high-fives to the masses!

Two solid summer of touring sanwiched between months of writing, recording, mixing, remixing, rewriting the next full length due out in Summer 2009. A single and bonus tracked vinyl split may see the light of day by March 2009!! Stay Tuned, remember kids, works of art take time !