D’arey October

“Fighting the Moon”

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Vocals/Guitar: D’arey
Drums: Jared
Bass: Steve


D’arey October is a female-fronted power trio who writes songs flooded with teenage energy and emotion. The group formed three years ago and has been a highlight of the local music scene ever since. The three members of D’arey October began playing at a very young age, preforming in local clubs when the oldest was fifteen, the youngest only twelve. Now, three years later, the talents of the three high school students have swelled, and they have started quite a buzz in the Reading, Philadelphia, and Lancaster area. The music of the group varies as greatly as the member’s personalities. Their first CD, Fighting the Moon, flows from soft acoustic ballads, to alternative pop, to angst driven punk. The band draws from many different influences, including the power rock of the eighties and many of the alternative bands of today. Lead singer and guitar player, D’arey October, brings deep, personal lyrics as well as melodic guitar lines, while the bass and drums provide the drive and energy which completes the group’s sound. Their live preformances are full of energy and create an emotional connection with the crowd. As their first CD continues to sell, the band’s popularity has grown tremendously. D’arey October is currently seeking major label support and strives to take the next step in the music industry. This group is definitely one to look out for in 2000 and beyond.