DEAD BY WEDNESDAY are finally getting some mass attention, the band has deserved for a long time ! Their fun version of the song “PEACHES” written by The Presidents of the United States of America is blowing up ! DOWNLOAD THE SONG FOR FREE. “PEACHES (for FREE)”, the band also just completed work on the 3rd video for the CD “The Last Parade” with the track “THIS IS WHAT IM DYING FOR”, Watch it: NEW DBW. If that wasn’t enough…Their home state of CT., and the very supportive radio station WCCC (The Rock 106.9FM) have added the band to kick it live at ‘The Big Gig’ coming up on May 19th 2012 @The Comcast Theater, with GODSMACK / STAIND / VOLBEAT / HELL YEAH! / Jasta and many more ! Request “Peaches” on your favorite Rock radio station !

THE WORKHORSE lll : The recording and mixing are completed for the new WHlll CD !!!! Produced by Frank Phobia at Mike Radka’s Akdar Studios, the follow up to the critically acclaimed DRP Records, self titled debut is a step into a more mature direction while keeping the same kick-you-in-the-teeth Rock and Roll abandon of the 1st release. Slated for a September release, this may set the Rock world on fire….we certainly hope it does ! More details soon !!!

GLOOMINOUS DOOM : The road warriors are packing up and hitting the road again in June. After the last tour in February, the band returned home and dove into more regional shows while dabbling with their side projects (Gnargoyles / The Workhorse ‘67 / Slain Child Mourned). Tour dates are available at
Thanks again, everyone for your continued support of our label and the bands we love…
Frank Phobia
drp records

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