Viking Skull #2 on CMJ charts - Gloom Doom on tour - Studio updates

VIKING SKULL: “Blackened Sunrise” the awesome single from the CD and LP “Chapter Two” hit radio this week at the #2 most addeed song across the land. Now, we need your help. Let’s go to number #1 !!! Here are the stations that added this single. If you live in any of these cities and listen to any of these FM Rock or Colloge stations, please, request “Blackened Sunrise” from Viking Skull on drp records !! Whilew you are at it, many of these stations have played “Revolution Blood Machine” by drp’s THE WORKHORSE 3 and spun “Urine Trouble” and “Portal Potty” from our very own GLOOMINOUS DOOM, request them too !!! We are delivering all killer, no filler to you, help us spread the word and stamp out crappy bands on the radio !! Thanks to Heavy Hitter (the radio promotion company based in NYC and Chicago)

REQUEST IT  + pick up ”Chapter Two” on colored vinyl LP or limited edition double CD NOW !!!
If you have already picked it up, we THANK YOU !!!

KJML Pittsburg, KS-            KROX Austin, TX-
KRRZ Redding, CA-              KUPD Tempe, AZ- 
KZCD Lawton, OK-               WAQX Syracuse, NY-
WBYR Ft Wayne, IN-          WCHZ Augusta, GA-
WEDG Buffalo, NY-             WHEB Portsmouth, NH-
WHMH Sauk Rapids IA-    WIER Burlington, VT-
WKGB Binghamton, NY-    WXRX Rockford, IL-
WZOR Appleton, WI-          CILU Thunder Bay, ON-
KASC Tempe, AZ-                 KCPR San Luis Obispo, CA-
KCSS Turlock, CA-                KNDS Fargo, ND-
KNON Dallas TX-                   KRUA Anchorage, AK-
KSJS San Jose, CA-               KTUH Honlulu, HI-
KZSC Santa Cruz, CA-          WBNY Buffalo, NY-
WBWC Berea, OH-                WCRD Muncie, IN-
WCSB Cleveland, OH-         WDBM East Lansing, MI-
WDWN Auburn, NY-           WIPZ Racine, WI-
WKWZ Syosset, NY-            WLVR Bethlehem, PA-
WMHB Waterville, ME-     WMSE Milwaukee, WI-
WMUH Allentown PA-       WORT Madison, WI-
WRAS Atlanta, GA-              WRBC Lewiston, ME-
WRKC Wilkes-Barre, PA-   WRRC Lawrenceville, NJ-
WRVU Nashville, TN-          WSJU Jamaica, NY-
WSOU South Orange, NJ-   WTCC Springfield, MA-
WTSR Yardville, NJ-            WWHR Bowling Geen, KY-
WXAC Reading, PA-              WXCI Danbury, CT-

CMJ Loud Rock  :   #2 Most Added w/ 65 STATIONS !


GLOOMINOUS DOOM: The band is currently on tour with THE PRESCRIPTION from Florida.
Other than having their van being towed in NYC and being fined for illegally parking…things on the tour have been a lot of fun. The band is playing the last three dates in PA., show up and party. The band will not disappoint ! All 3 shows this weekend, AMERICAN SPEEDWAY join in on the fun.
Friday, Nov. 19th: The Lighthouse, Phoenixville, Pa. / 7 PM – ALL AGES / BYOB for 21+
Saturday, Nov. 20th: The Depot, York, Pa. / 9 PM / 21+ only
Sunday, Nov. 21st: Upstairs @ The Silo, Reading, Pa. / All Ages/ 21+ to drink
THIS SUNDAY they are even joined by drp’s very own…COMMON ENEMY in a rare Reading, Pa. show !!

2011 is just around the corner, many drp bands are preparing to record: Look for NEW releases in 2011 by: GLOOMIOUS DOOM (produced by GWAR’s Cory Smoot) NINETAIL  (also,produced by GWAR’s Cory Smoot) CLOUD PARTY / THE WORKHORSE 3 / THE HEELS (members of PAGAN BABIES + THE WORKHORSE 3) / SPINEBELT (Yes !!! John is getting stronger every day !! They will be back in action SOON !!) /
ANTHROPHOBIA (Yes !! The DVD documentary WILL see the light of day in 2011)

drp releases make a GREAT gift for the music lover in your life… they also make a great gift for yourself, go ahead, treat youself !! Thank You again for the support !! A HUGE Thanks to all of you that showed up at the DIVINATION CD release show two weeks ago, their new CD “Age Of Man” is available NOW !!
Everyone here at drp world headquarters. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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