Two Way Radio
“The Drums Talk To Me”

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Two Way Radio

Guitar/Vocals: Tony Prat
Drums/Keyboards: Jon Farmer

2WR was formed in 2001 with all this in mind. After years at making a name for themselves in the hardcore rock scene with Shaft, Sakajaweeda, Ringworm, and Sour Jane, singer/guitarist Tony Prat and drummer/keyboardist/studio engineer Jon Farmer decided that enough was enough. Formula was taboo. Everything from the past – meaningless. It was time to make the music that the two heard in their dreams – a style not totally comprehended until the completion of their new full length record The Drums Talk to Me. The duo performs their unique blend of trip-hop and rock live with an energy and power that only years of playing heavy music could develop. Self-produced and recorded by Jon Farmer, the album is thick with textures and moods; Jacksonville’s quintessential frontman Tony Prat adds the life and lyrical depth that only he can.